We have been working with Vital Information Technology for over six years now. I don’t know how we went so long without them! They are responsive, competent, trustworthy, professional and have excellent customer service. They are truly full-service. Vital IT has helped us grow and move our veterinary practice, taking care of all the IT and phone/internet details from the ground up. They help us with big ticket items (setting up servers, researching the best equipment to purchase, troubleshooting and setting up new internet/phone service, etc.) as well as all of the day to day IT frustrations (uncooperative computers, printer malfunctions, security updates, etc.). They have taken all of the difficult, cumbersome, out-of-our-scope-of-expertise tasks off of our plate and provide us with a smooth, effortless IT working environment so we can get back to doing what we do best. I can’t recommend them highly enough.
North Seattle Vet Clinic
The team at Vital IT has been great to work with. Excellent communication, response time, and troubleshooting skills. First Free Methodist Church has greatly benefited from having them as our IT support group.
First Free Methodist Church
We love working with Vital Information Technology! The staff is very proactive, and keeps great records of our company information. When problems do arise, they respond quickly and efficiently and always have THE BEST customer service. We've been working with Vital IT from the beginning and [we] are grateful to have such a friendly team of IT professionals.
Espresso Elegance
We’ve used Vital Information Technology for years, and we highly recommend their services!
Judicial Dispute Resolution